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About Us

A Brief Introduction to Chez Marian

Chez Marian was originally inspired by our family history in the textile industry and a passion for home craft and design. The aim to bring together elements of each to provide you with the opportunity to be more creative at home. Using our own designs we have created a range of custom made home decor and clothing products.

However, you can also use your own unique creative flair to bring a personal style to your home by:

  • Utilising the same state of the art ‘print on demand’ platform providers that offer:
    • Product options to use our own design ideas
    • Options to customise your own design / photographs

Chez Marian Website

The Tee Rooms

The Tee Rooms are home to a range of custom-made women’s clothing including T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Leggings. There will also be a Men’s range and a Children’s range.

The Print Rooms

The Print Rooms are essentially a platform for providing custom-made, print-on-demand merchandise incorporating our own (or your own) designs.

We have created a small core product range that centres around the finishing touches to your living space. You have the option to customise the style, colour and the design in order to meet your own design criteria.

To find details on the individual products visit our Product Rooms ;

  • Art Studio – Wrapped Canvas | Wood Wall Art | Posters | Wall Clocks
  • Craft Centre – Fabrics including Cotton, Polyester & Linen
  • Comfort Zone – Cushions | Fleece Blankets | Throw Blankets
  • Dining Room – Tableware including Table Cloths | Table Runners | Place Mats | Napkins | Coasters | Serving Trays
  • Kitchen – Mugs | Espresso Mugs | Soup Bowls | Teapots | Pitchers | Accessories including;
    • Aprons | Tea-towels | Chopping Boards
  • Bathroom – Shower Curtains | Bath Mats | Accessory Kits | Cosmetic Bags
  • Party | Function Room – Disposable Plates & Napkins | Melamine Plates | Cake Picks | Wrapping Paper
  • Outdoor Centre – Water Bottles | Flasks | Travel Mugs | Lunchboxes | Hip Flasks | Bags including;
    • Tote | Messenger | Backpack | Gym / Duffel

The Gallery

We’ve added the [Art] Gallery to provide a little inspiration based on the work of some very talented artists. Wall Art is also a great finishing touch to your interior design as well as just being aesthetically pleasing.

Our aim is to feature at least one new artist a month as well as maintaining the Gallery with our featured collections of modern (and possibly classic) artwork.


In terms of our product suppliers, Chez Marian is utilising the best of the current ‘print on demand’ platforms as our source. The key benefits of this are:

  • Products are made-to-order and shipped anywhere in the world upon completion, both in a short time period

  • Designs are quickly and easily customised allowing you to give any product your personal touch

  • We can offer competitive prices based on market rates

  • They are environmentally friendly in terms of;
    • products are printed with water-based inks that contain no added chemicals or toxins
    • print and shipping ‘costs’ are only incurred on actual orders placed

Our current platforms include:

  • Zazzle – Their mission “To Enable Every Custom, On-Demand Product in the World On Our Platform.”
  • RedBubble – Their mission “Promoting RedBubble and its artists with the goal of bringing in consumer traffic in to discover for themselves the wonderful work available from RedBubble artists.”
  • Inkthreadable – “a humble printing company that has found success through the idea that customer service and user experience are prioritised over all else.”

Customer Service

The Tee Rooms

The Tee Rooms merchandise is printed on demand and fulfilled exclusively by our specialist supplier, Inkthreadable, based in Lancashire. As each product is printed to order, unless there is a fault with the item we cannot accept returns or exchanges. Please, before you confirm any order for Tee Room merchandise, be certain you would like to purchase the selected item(s) and that all order details are correct [note: check your size & colour options], as refunds will only be made in exceptional circumstances.

Orders will be shipped within 5 working days from confirmed receipt of payment. Please see our Shipping Information for delivery options.

The Print Rooms

Many of our designs are available for customisation using the Zazzle Design Tool, however if you have a specific request for a product or design please get in touch to discuss available options.

As our product supply is effectively outsourced, the first point of Customer Service / Contact once an order is placed is with our platform providers. They have excellent support teams* and guarantee satisfaction from your purchase with suitable Returns Policies in place if, for any reason, this is not the case.

This does not mean we do not care about what happens once you have placed an order. Given they are our providers by choice, our expected quality of goods and service supplied from them is as high as yours. If you have any issues dealing with our providers please let us know and we will do our very best to help you.

* Customer Service Contact Details

The Gallery

All artwork presented and promoted via the Gallery is on behalf of one of our affiliate partners or directly on behalf of the artist. As a result ALL terms and conditions of sale / purchase are those of the relevant partner.

Please read our Terms & Conditions of Use for more details.

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